Doing Your Soul Work Now

We shall all reach the higher planes at some time, and we shall eventually be in the position of doing our own global healing. This knowledge can prompt us to make a choice to begin now. In this very moment, by the power of your own will and by the power of God that resides in you, you can change the world. Someone once said that vast social change occurs in the heart and mind of one man at a time. Are you reading to make that shift to produce vast social change? Could you from this very moment listen anew to the loving messages that are everywhere? Could you shift your attitude even a little and come from a place of optimism and joy that will comfort and change the lives of those with whom you come into contact? Could you smile at the next person you meet and with a light and joyful voice bring pleasure to their day so that they might pass that on? Could you open your heart wit live in this moment and send healing and peace to those around you? Could you let off the hook those you have been torturing with criticism, or passive aggression, sarcasm to complaint? (Although you still have a right to say you no longer want them in your life). Could you start to see everyone around you as equals, no matter what their color or creed, no matter what you perceive them to have done? Can you let go of judgement and see that they are on their own path and simply trying to survive just like you? You do not have to wait till you reach the soul plane to do this soul work. There is opportunity in every second of every day to make a difference. And maybe the place to start is forgiving yourself for the past. In acknowledging that, as in the life review that you shall no doubt attend at some time, there can be compassion, lack of judgment and only learning. You do not have to wait. You could do your own life review right now and make the rest of your life different.
~Journey of the Soul, Dr. Brenda Davies