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Read My Background and Story as a Psychic Medium

​I’m just a typical mom, although many say I have a non-typical story. I have been very blessed with many adventures in my life, ranging from the most wonderful and amazing, to the extremely difficult, leaving me wondering how I would ever get through them. These chapters, milestones, and adventures in my life, both good and bad, have gotten me to where I am now, living my life purpose as a medium. For that, I am grateful.

I’m often asked how I “discovered” my abilities. Although there were many times Spirit tried to get my attention, it really wasn’t until my mid-30s that I was introduced to the possibility of tapping into the Spiritual Realm. Around that time, I was fortunate to become friends with an extremely talented psychic medium. She herself was awakening her talents, and we practiced our skills together. As we both expanded our abilities, I began to have questions—how does the church play into this? what about low energies?—among others. I backed away to give myself time to figure out these answers. She continued with her awakening and, in turn, became the most talented and compassionate psychic medium ever!

Then my life became crazy with an extraordinary series of events, mostly the bad and stressful kind. That is a story in and of itself. As life finally began to settle down, I had time to focus on myself again. I decided, though, with the unfaltering support of my husband, family, and friends, that this was my fork in the road. This was my time to follow what speaks to me deep in my heart and soul: becoming a Medium.

Soon after, I was told to set my intention and pay attention to it every day. I did. With zeal, admiration, astonishment, wonder, love, and more for the Spiritual Realm. It became such a part of me—so natural, so second nature. I love connecting with Spirit; it is such a beautiful and wondrous thing. I love connecting people here in this realm with their loved ones who have crossed over; it is such a healing and loving experience.

I am well aware of the trepidation expressed by many, but the unfaltering truth—I have to be God-centered to be a medium. His/Her love, guidance, and support are integral parts of my ‘job’ as a medium. The Heavenly Father and Mother, Ascended Masters, my Spirit Guides, and Angels all support, love, and guide me in my mediumship and life.

Does this make me better than some? Absolutely not. I am still working on myself every day. We all struggle with, can’t let go of, or have guilt about... something. The list can go on and on. That is one of the most beautiful things about connecting with energies in the Spiritual Realm! There is healing, forgiveness, love, and so much more. Those who have crossed over want you to let go and heal yourself! As James Van Praagh says, the Earth is a schoolroom, and we are all here to learn and grow. How magnificent is it that your loved ones who have crossed over are still with you and helping you! And nonetheless, it’s just amazingly wonderful to validate and connect with those who have crossed over!

Being a Medium is my passion and joy, and I take my job seriously and with integrity. My life experiences have not only helped me discover my life purpose but also given me the capacity to give each reading the understanding, empathy, and respect everyone involved deserves.

It truly is my honor, privilege, and joy to serve as your medium!