Check Out the Testimonials Given by My Clients

"Receiving these beautiful words from clients fills my heart!
​ I am filled with love and gratitude and enormously happy to give them the Reading they deserve!" ~ Melissa 

Wow, this was my first reading. Wasn't sure what to expect but Melissa made it a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The accuracy was amazing while maintaining the integrity of the reading. I would highly recommend her and encourage anyone to try.
Many thanks.  

Erik W.

If you have unanswered questions or just feel the need to hear from loved ones who have passed, this is the place to go. What an emotional purge, she had issues come out that there was no way she could have known. Looking forward to going back and recommended friends already. Thank you Melissa.       

Ellen W.

My appointment with Melissa was such a wonderful experience the entire way around. My first contact with her was via email. It was very brief, just setting an appointment time and going over payment information, but I still garnered a wonderful and positive attitude from the initial contact. Once I had the appointment, it was very clear that she was a kind, genuine soul that was doing this for the sole purpose of helping others connect with their loved ones and gain closure and/or guidance within themselves. I know that if she wouldn’t need to pay bills, she would do this service for even less than she already does, because her love for others is beyond what many comprehend. The reading itself was incredible. It is so easy to be a skeptic of this ability, but there is truly NO WAY that she could have researched/”googled” any of the information she presented to me and the person who was with me. To receive information that my Grandfather had two boxers(dogs) that passed away before I was even born, that there is absolutely no record of, besides a single photo in an album that is stashed in my aunt’s house?! That is just an example of the accuracy of connection that Melissa can convey. My experience was truly life-changing and I will remember it for the rest of my days.


I've had a few reading by Melissa. It came with a peaceful understanding that my family that has passed were still looking over me. My first reading, I didn't mention my Aunt, but she made it be known that she was available to be "heard". Melissa is very understanding and easy to work with.

Donna W.

Melissa is definitely the real deal, she was able to connect with my loved ones. Melissa is the first medium to be able to let me know exactly what loved one were coming through with "specific" objects that I had with me during the phone reading. For over 22 I have been holding on to guilt that was not my fault. With the help and encouragement from Melissa and (my mother passed over) I have been able to release that feeling. Now I can move on with my life with even more positivity and love, to also spread the miracle that incurred. Melissa is a "true angel" that will help and heal you on your road to what our lifes path will send to us. Melissa is a very loving, caring, miracle and compassionate person that will bring you the closure and healing that you deserve.

Stephanie H.

I have had the privilege of having Melissa do two readings for me over the past 6 months. The experience was absolutely amazing. She is so personable and I felt like I had known her for years. Melissa was able to share with me messages from loved ones who have passed over and I was shocked at how detailed her messages were. There is no way she could have known so many personal things and that made the experience even more special. She mentioned specific details about private conversations that she would have no knowledge of and described intricate details of a picture that I had never seen, but confirmed later that night by finding the picture at my mother's house. I would recommend Melissa to anyone seeking comfort in speaking to loved ones who have passed. She's a beautiful soul with a beautiful gift to share with others!


It was a little over a year ago that I first received a reading from Melissa. What a blessing. I had just suddenly and tragically lost a dear friend. I was still in shock and feeling lost. It makes total sense that in an unexpected way, Melissa was put in my path. I am so grateful. 

My beloved, departed friend must've taken kindly to Mel and I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't. I received specific and clear messages through her. These included specific things only my friend would know. M is the perfect combination of professional, yet warm and genuinely caring. I have received much-needed confirmation and comfort from my readings. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a psychic medium.


I had the blessing of doing a reading with Melissa after an accidental meeting. I never believed in coincidences and I am truly convinced that our connection was designed. I was able to connect with the husband who transitioned 14 years ago. I had been concerned about one of our children and was anxious to hear from him. Through Melissa, I was not only able to connect with my husband but receive a healing which will impact my life forever. There was no doubt in my mind that I was communicating with my husband as she revealed information only he and I would know. I was able to feel the love from my husband through Melissa in a most profound way. She is a deeply loving and beautiful soul who has the priceless gift of transmitting the love from those who have transitioned. I can not express in words how that experience has changed me and provided clarity regarding the specific issue that was troubling me. I would love everyone to have this experience and have shared my experience with my family and friends. I hope this testimony convinces someone to open themselves to being blessed as I have been though a reading by Melissa.

Margy D

My mother and I had never done a reading before and quite frankly, we were a tad bit nervous and somewhat skeptical. However, meeting with Melissa was a truly wonderful, life-changing experience for the both of us. She relayed things that she couldn't possibly have known that validated the genuineness of the experience. I came to the reading needing reassurance and I most certainly, beyond any lingering doubts, received that. It has brought comfort and clarity in ways that has affected me indefinitely. I look forward to future readings with Melissa and strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to connect with their loved ones! 


Wonderful reading, very profound, I would recommend her services. It was an incredible experience. Life changing.


You are so amazing!!!! Update on our reading:
We had a private reading with you in march at Lotus Moon. You were very adamant about Brian's sister and mother taking care of a baby that had passed. We were so sure that there were not any babies in the family that had crossed over. We have just learned that a girl that our son was involved with 21 years ago carried a child for 5 months and miscarried. It was a little boy. Yesterday they laid his ashes to rest in the cemetery. This is so powerful! I just had to email you!! We are grieving for our grandson and rejoicing that we know our loved ones have him and are taking care of him. This is a tremendous relief to us. Thank you so much.

Brian and Kayann

Your gift is undeniable! Thank you for choosing to share your gift with us. I can't say thank you enough. Looking forward to more readings.


Melissa thank you deeply for the rich and illuminating session. The effects are resonating, and most important, healing.  


You managed to blow my mind during my reading--you quoted my Lee many times in just the way he would have said it himself, I could hear him saying it to me just that way! Your knowing that I am tall hooked me from the first of the reading, and you stated some of the qualities that Lee did like about me and find appealing—even if I never saw them in me. I have felt such an amazing relief, a burden has been lifted from my shoulders knowing Lee will love me always, no matter what others say or do. Thank you for it all. You managed to blow my mind during my reading--you quoted Lee many times in just the way he would have said it himself, I could hear him saying it to me just that way! 

I have felt such an amazing relief, a burden has been lifted from my shoulders knowing Lee will love me always, no matter what others say or do.  Thank you for it all. Ever since our reading, I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders and I felt the healing beginning.  


Thank you, you were so helpful, so heartwarming to have you convey the thoughts from them that you received. Gave me hope and confirmed so much for me. Wish I could see you a couple of times a week, helped me enormously. Validated so much for me. Thank you again.

I just wanted to thank you for today. My sister really needed to talk to you. She felt so much peace when she left and said that I think my life has just changed. So again, thank you. You are amazing.


Stunned us. Hit our hearts hard but in the most profoundly meaningful, sensitive approach. Melissa is legitimately powerful, believable and respectable. Highly recommend!!!


Working with Melissa has brought me great healing on my most important questions and issues.  Melissa is a loving and truth-seeking healer and I recommend her, without reservation, to anyone looking for profound inner and outer progress.